Lower Campus: Early Childhood Program

Early childhood is a critically important timeframe. Preparing children for school sets them up for long-term academic success. Trinity Catholic Academy provides support for students in myriad ways to ensure all students reach their full potential.


Preschool Program (age 3)

Trinity has implemented a comprehensive early literacy program designed to meet the needs of three-year-olds in either half-day or full-day sessions. The program objectives include:

  • Nurture students in a safe and secure environment
  • Help students understand they are children of God and as such develop a positive belief that they are worthy of love and respect
  • Develop oral language skills
  • Encourage students to be lifelong learners
  • Develop creativity and imagination
  • Develop respect and sensitivity for all living things
  • Focus on social and emotional skill development


Prekindergarten Program (age 4)

Trinity has a newly integrated curriculum that includes literature, writing, math, science, and social science in full-day sessions. Students learn:

  • Appropriate ways of interacting in a group
  • Skills to actively and appropriately participate in class discussions
  • To develop a large and rich vocabulary
  • To engage in concept-related play
  • Visit the school library every week
  • To listen to, identify and manipulate language sounds to develop auditory discrimination and phonetic awareness
  • To participate in physical education, recreation, music and art


Kindergarten Program (age 5)

Trinity offers a full-day Kindergarten program that follows the Massachusetts Educational Frameworks. Its curriculum is aligned with CORE standards. Students learn in a highly structured environment with an academic program emphasizing math and language arts. Students are:

  • Evaluated daily so that teachers can identify students’ individual strengths and weaknesses and tailor instruction
  • Visiting the school library every week
  • Assessed with MAP testing, an adaptive test that evaluates each child’s individual progress rather than a standardized test, which evaluates against peers
  • Involved in science and social studies activities
  • Participating in recreational play, physical education, music and art



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