Upper Campus: Grades 4-8

Our primary focus at the Upper Campus is to prepare students for acceptance to high school and to ensure that they acquire the knowledge and skillset to successfully meet its demands. Building on our goal at the Lower Campus to create lifelong learners, our Upper Campus commits to maintaining the highest standards of excellence to all students.  



An Environment Focused on Excellence

Trinity Catholic Academy’s vision is to have every child be successful spiritually, emotionally and academically. The curriculum at the Upper Campus for students in grades 4 through 8 is designed to improve student literacy in reading and writing and in the complex problem-solving skills of standards-based math. This comprehensive academic program is supplemented by faith formation and enrichment in technology, research skills, physical education, music and art.   


Upper Campus Highlights

  • Standards-based curriculum with an emphasis on preparation for high school and college
  • Time and learning: longer school day, school year, and extended English and Math classroom time
  • Classroom activities and instruction designed to develop skills in critical thinking, analysis, creativity and other important 21st century skills
  • Talented and gifted program for students with above average ability and a commitment to learning
  • Hands-on, whole class, small group and individual learning time
  • Evaluation and assessment to monitor student progress towards performance standards
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