Faith Formation & Character Development

Faith Formation

Children of all faiths are accepted at Trinity Catholic Academy. We believe that the teachings of the Catholic Church provide moral guidance for our students, preparing them to be effective global citizens and compassionate community advocates for peace and social justice. Our curriculum is rooted in the principles and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and children receive religious education daily. Our students also attend the school's monthly masses. In grade 2, students are prepared to receive First Penance and First Eucharist if they have been baptized. Grades 7 and 8 attend Mass weekly.


Character Development

In their elementary and middle school years, students at TCA learn both academics and social skills needed for success in the real world in accordance to our mission. Guided by the practices of the Roman Catholic faith, TCA's curriculum encourages students by giving them positive reinforcement in the classroom and uses the teachings of the Catholic faith to instill a moral guidance that will support them to make informed decisions in the future. Children who grow up through our educational system accomplish the whole character development program, which incorporates the mind, body and spirit, preparing them for future academic challenges, and for the social challenges that will inevitably be forthcoming in their lives as human beings.

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